Red Treasure Chest
The Red Treasure Chest / 3rd Class Treasure Chest is the lest valuable of the treasure chest type rewards. It can be obtained from winning the Border War (BDW) event (Tiers for 55 and above) or for coming in the 3rd prize bracket in the Chaos event.

What is it for?

3rd class treasure chests can either be sold for noahs to other players (price will vary depending on server) or can be turned int to NPC (Operator) Moira in moradon for a chance to obtain a rare item. The 3st Class / Red Treasure chest has the lowest chance of all the treasure chests to contain a unique item.

List of Items Obtainable from 3rd Class treasure Chests (Unfinished)

  1. Hell Breaker +0
  2. Dark Vane +0
  3. Wreath of Enrion +0
  4. Glacier Enrion +0
  5. Lightning Enrion +0
  6. Defender of the Lord +0
  7. Sword of the Dead +0
  8. Enion Bow +0
  9. Scorpion Bow +0
  10. Scorpion Scythe +0